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Native American Beaded Jewelry

Often time's jewelry made from plain gold, silver or bronze can appear boring and give the impression of dullness. These same designs and carvings used in the jewelry years ago may quickly appear outdated and un-appealing especially when used with today's modern clothing and fashion trends.

To create a piece of jewelry that is more appealing to our senses we have to investigate the various pieces which are based upon the Native American beaded jewelry style.

Initially this style of jewelry construction made use of many natural materials found in nature such as shells, turquoise and coral. Stones, wood, amber and animal bones were often employed as materials for adornment by some North American tribes when crafting this kind of jewelry. These materials were used for several hundred years and proved to be durable and delightful for the wearer. Often times if these same jewelry pieces were used in modern design many people would find it amusing therefore in the modern Native American beaded jewelry design produced today you will find an abundance of fine seed beads in use.

Fine seed beads represent one of the Native American's primary materials which are currently employed in these finely crafted pieces of beaded jewelry. Due to the flexibility experienced by these beads to blend softly into the various styles of designs they have now become a valid part of most jewelry making today. It would be difficult to find a phase of jewelry making that does not use any of these excellent beads in its creation. You can readily find them in almost all kind of jewelry ranging from necklaces, bracelets as well as rings. The addition of beads to a jewelry design makes the item appear fancier and presents a modern appeal.

If you represent the modern generation who wants to show your appreciation to our American heritage and yet present a modern day look to your associate then you are a prime candidate for using the Native American beaded jewelry. When you adorn yourself with this style of jewelry you will find that you are enjoying both traditional styles as well as modern designs. You are sure to be the envy of all those who you meet. This style of jewelry is ideal for your everyday use whether you are planning on attending a business meeting, going to a school class or simply enjoying a night time celebration.


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